Electronic Stealth Materials

[Special Material Can Adapt It's Absorption For Different Frequencies]

Air Force planes from all the countries in the world, use high-tech absorption materials and unusual geometries to scatter, deflect, and sponge up incoming radar signals.

This helps them prevent detected as well as deflect incoming projectiles. However, despite their advancements, they still can’t hide from advanced radar systems that use different types of frequencies to detect aircrafts.

This happens because the material needed to absorb that wide range of frequencies is too thick to be used in practical purposes.

To take care of this problem, a team of Chinese scientists have developed a thin material, called Active Frequency Selecting Surface, that uses electronic tuning to absorb radar signals over a wide range of frequencies.

This material is made up of four layers, which combine together to give an overall thickness of just 7.8 mm (0.3 in).

These layers include a 0.8 mm layer of epoxy laminate support material, a 0.04 mm layer of copper sheeting, a 7 mm honeycomb dielectric and a final layer of metal which is attached to the aircraft itself.

The system uses these different layers in sync to find the incoming frequencies and tune the system to absorb them with ease.

The team has published their findings in the Journal of Applied Physics, where it can be studied by anyone from any country, which in a way renders all radar systems across the world obsolete.

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Posted on : 20 Jun 2016 @ 10:54

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