Faster Healing For Diabetes Patients

[Scientists To Use Electric Current To Improve Healing Response Time]

Diabetes as a disease is already quite problematic for most people who suffer from it. Not only does it have no viable cure, but the management itself is quite hectic.

In addition to the direct problems it causes, there are certain indirect side effects that trouble the human body too.

Once of these side effects is the fact that people who suffer from diabetes heal at a slower pace when compared to healthy people.

This occurs because of deficient Electrical Signal produced by the diabetic body. This is important because electric signals generated around any wound site are critical in activating and sustaining the Healing Factor.

If the signals are weak, the body takes that much longer to start and sustain the healing process, thus elongating the time it takes to heal.

This theory of weaker healing in diabetic people is a common known fact in the medical community, however, now for the first time, it has been proven too.

Researchers from the University of California Davis, ran experiments on diabetic mice in which they used highly sensitive equipment to measure the electric current around the wounds.

They found that the mice with diabetes actually did suffer from weaker electric fields as compared to regular mice. This proof of theory is the first step in the process of finding a cure for this issue.

Now these scientists are working on finding a way to stimulate the healing process by increasing the electrical response of the body through chemical and mechanical means.

If the research progresses as hoped, then one day we can hope for a cure that would certainly improve the healing ability of diabetic patients, thus providing relief to millions of people all over the world.

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Posted on : 25 Jun 2016 @ 05:10

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