Fingerprint Scanners Are Hackable

[Researchers Hack Smartphone Sensor With A Printer]

Fingerprint scanners are the new must have safety features in smartphones these days. They replace the need to memorize passcodes and complicated swipe patterns, while also being individual to each person.

However these sensors and scanners aren’t as secure as smartphone companies would have you believe. In fact, researchers from Michigan State University have already proved that you can crack most of these sensors quite easily.

They did so by using just a printer with a special conductive ink to scan and print fingerprints directly from the phone surface, which were then used to unlock the phone in just one try.

To make sure that this process was easily replicable, they used normal ingredients such as an inkjet printer, a regular black ink cartridge and three AgIC Silver Conductive Ink cartridges.

A special AgIC paper was used to work with the ink, with the whole setup costing less than $500. With these easy to buy ingredients, they were able to crack the phone’s security in just 15 minutes.

This proof of concept shows how vulnerable our devices still are. In order to make sure that your device too isn’t hacked, we recommend wiping down the surface several times a day to ensure that no stray fingerprints are used against your own security.

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Posted on : 16 Jun 2016 @ 10:28

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