Fire Extinguisher Grenades

[Throwable Fire Extinguishers For Home Use]

Fires are a big problem for anyone involved in them. If not taken care of swiftly, they can grow rapidly and cause a lot of damage.

This is the reason it is recommended to keep fire extinguishers in your household. However, most current fire extinguishers are bulky and complicated, plus they require getting really close to the fire itself.

This creates a hazard for the unprepared layman who can get injured getting so close to the fire with no training on how to put it out.

Now, a Japanese innovation can make this process a lot less dangerous and a lot more fun, through Throwable Fire Extinguishing Grenades.

These contraption contain a mixture of Carbon dioxide and Ammonia gas which combines to form Ammonium gas. When thrown into the fire, this gas cools down the temperature of the fire, thereby snuffing it out easily.

All you need to do is throw the container into the fire, while remaining safe at a distance. It may not work against big fires, but is extremely useful for smaller household fires, making it a perfect item to keep in your safety kit.

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Posted on : 12 Jun 2016 @ 07:23

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