Flexible Sheet Camera

[Camera Bends To Give New Field Of View]

Combining multiple camera lenses to form a lens array is not a new concept. However, these arrays are limited in functions as when they are bent, it causes gaps to form between the fields of view.

This leads to information getting missed. Now a team of researchers at Columbia Engineering have found a way to fill that gap by developing a sheet camera with a Fexible Lens Array which changes the field of view as it’s bent.

This change in field of view is accomplished by the use of elastic optics which can adapt their optical properties with every change in formation.

These flexible array could be wrapped around everyday objects that have a variety of physical dimensions, turning them into instant cameras.

This technology has already been tested in the laboratory, but it’s commercial applications will still take some time to develop.

Nevertheless, once done, this technology will easily pave the way for a new category of flexible cameras that can be used any where and in any form factor. Until then, all we can do is wait for more updates.

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Source: Columbia
Posted on : 16 Jun 2016 @ 15:24

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