Galaxy That Can Make Us Rich

[Newly Discovered Dwarf Galaxy Filled With Precious Elements]

Anyone who knows humanity, knows how much we love our minerals. It is these precious elements that have made it possible for the human race to develop so far.

However, these heavy elements are still quite limited in quantity, therefore whatever quantity remains on earth is already valued extremely high.

Another reason behind this high value is the fact that these heavy elements (gold, uranium, lead etc) require too much energy to produce, which makes it nearly impossible to setup manufacturing on a large scale.

For this reason, scientists have been trying to understand how and when these precious metals first originated in our galaxy, so that we could learn ways of replicating the process.

Now, with the discovery of an ancient dwarf galaxy caled the Reticulum II, it seems we may soon have our answers.

This galaxy is located about 98,000 Light-Years from Earth and according to astronomers, contains immense amounts of precious minerals.

It is believed that the minerals were created in the galaxy due to neutron start explosions, which were powerful enough to generate the energy needed for element creation.

The majority of the minerals created were absorbed into the galaxy itself, while the rest were embedded in stars and asteroids, which brought them all the way to Earth.

This theory fits in well with the other theories postulated in relation to mineral creation, and with further research could be proven quite possible.

Even if these theories aren’t proven correct, it is still a great development in the field of astronomy, as it helps us understand the universe around us a lot more than before.

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Posted on : 28 Jun 2016 @ 01:04

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