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[Pet Robot To Help With Household Chores]

No matter what form or type you my prefer, the one thing that most tech savvy people will accept is that robotics is the future of technology.

As we progress more and more towards our dream of a connected world, it becomes clear that these electronic helpers of ours will play a big role in making that dream come true.

For this reason, almost all tech giants have dedicated a special portion of their developmental budget towards robotics. The fruits of their labor are showcased each year to us in the form of various robotic prototypes.

While most of these robots are quite adept in what they do, they still aren’t practical, since they are quite limited in one fundamental field, movement.

This is due to the fact that most of said prototypes don’t feature advanced enough navigation systems that would be functional in the chaos of a regular household environment.

However, there are a certain few that are up to the challenge. These are the unique animal robot range from Boston Dynamics, an Alphabet subsidiary.

These robots feature state of the art navigation systems that let them move with complete autonomy over all sorts of terrains and obstacles.

However, most of these models were too big to operate inside a regular house. To remove that limitation as well, the company has now introduced a miniature version of their Spot Robot Dog, called the SpotMini.

It addition to the smaller size, this robot also features an all-electric module, as well as an elongated neck. The neck is used to handle objects as well as help the robot get up if it falls.

The neck is strong enough to pick up heavy objects, but also has enough dexterity, that it can handle very delicate tasks, such as fetching you a glass of wine, or loading your dishwasher.

This combination of skills makes this a perfect companion to have in your home. Since it is designed for a home environment, the company has also made sure that it can do what almost none of the other robots can, climb a flight of stairs.

While some people may think that a robot that can do so many things with such agility may be a little creepy, we think that this could be the very first iteration of a truly full size robotic assist dog. We just hope that the company starts moving towards commercial applications, sooner than later.

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