Graphene Based Transistors

[Special Transistor Design For Extreme Overclocking]

Graphene is a popular material of choice among developers, when it comes to creating electronics that are smaller and more efficient than their counterparts.

It is being used in all sorts of cutting edge electronics on board all sorts of systems. Adding to it’s already impressive list of accomplishments is a new use for this material; high performance transistors for computer chips.

These new graphene-based transistor provide enough juice to overclock processor speeds up to 100GHZ while still maintaining ultra-low power consumption.

This is accomplished by creating a bilayer of graphene to be used in tunnel transistors, which lets them perform high performance quantum tunneling of electrons.

In contrast, electrons in current transistors still have to jump through energy barriers, thus creating limitations to how much performance can be exerted by them.

This new way of improving transistors was created by scientists from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).

This new design not only creates high performance transistors, but also makes sure that they require a lot less energy to operate while also generating a lot less heat.

The researchers will now work towards testing this new type of transistor in different settings to find the best fit. Whatever the end result may be, it will definitely bring about a new era in the field of computing.

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Source: MIPT
Posted on : 30 Jun 2016 @ 21:06

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