Haize Smart Compass

[Navigation Compass Gives You Turn By Turn Directions]

Navigation is a necessary tool for anyone on the go. People all over the world use all sorts of navigation apps to make their way across the land.

However, navigation only works great for people who drive cars and can afford inbuilt navigation systems or special holders for their smartphones.

While smartphone apps for navigation are easy to use and free, they can however be hell to keep up with for anyone who doesn’t have both hands free at all times.

This is why it becomes a big problem to deal with for people who ride bicycles and motorcycles, and have to risk taking their phone out of their pocket every few minutes.

To make it easy for them to get turn by turn navigation, these customers need a Small Navigation Product that they can stick to their bike and receive constant feedback.

Haize is one such tech accessory that works like a compass, constantly pointing towards the destination you set using your smartphone.

It can also be worn as a wrist band for people who want to go jogging instead of cycling, making it a versatile product for varied needs.

If you too want to get one for yourself, you can go to the Onomo Website and pre-order it for 65 Pounds.

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