High Capacity Hydroelectric Dam

[Dam In Switzerland Produces Energy Equivalent To A Nuclear Plant]

As the world makes the push towards sources of renewable energy, skeptics question the efficiency of these methods saying that they don’t give nearly enough output to justify their cost.

However, there is still one source of renewable energy that has always been heralded for it’s high production capacity and reliability; hydroelectric power.

This system of producing electricity through pumped water storage system was first introduced in the the 1800s. It proved so popular that to date it’s still used to generate almost 98% of the world energy.

The reason for the popularity of Hydroelectric Power Technology is directly attributed to it’s 80% efficiency, in addition to it’s rechargeable nature.

But now, it seems that this high level of efficiency isn’t enough, as GE is planning to completely change the system with it’s special turbine technology.

This new technology is based on the principle of variable speed turbines, which is expected to increase the efficiency of power generation and storage even more than current standards.

They are testing thing technology currently at the Linthal Plant, the famous Swiss hydroelectric plant located at 2490mtrs high in the swiss mountains.

To test this technology, they will have to completely remodel the plant, which is an immense undertaking that could cost an exorbitant amount of money.

However, the people behind the remodel are confident that once the plant starts running at full capacity, they would be able to produce and store as much as 1450MW of electricity through this new model.

To put this figure in perspective, it would be almost the same output as that of a nuclear power plant, minus the harmful radiation and radioactive waste.

If successful, this technology will then be ready to be adopted in hydroelectric plants all over the world, ushering in a new era for water based power.

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