Hourglass Liquid Flow Battery

[MIT Research Concept For Battery Design]

Batteries are usually of two different types, solid type batteries and liquid flow batteries. Where solid type batteries are simple in design, liquid flow batteries require a complicated system of pumps and values to operate.

Now, a team of researchers at MIT has developed a new prototype of a Liquid Flow Battery that doesn’t require such complicated systems, thus making the whole thing a lot simpler and cheap.

This new prototype features an Hourglass Design, which uses a gravity based system to move the liquids between the chambers.

The angles of movement can be adjusted to change the rate of flow, which has a direct affect on the rate of energy production.

While traditional liquid flow batteries contain two liquid filled chambers, this new prototype only feature one liquid chamber, with the other chamber being replaced by a solid sheet of lithium.

This isn’t however the final iteration of the design, as the team intends to keep tweaking the formula to find the perfect match of compact size and high performance.

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Source: MIT
Posted on : 26 Jun 2016 @ 22:57

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