Humans Have A Sixth Sense

[Scientist Prove Existence Of Magnetoreception]

The idea of having superpowers is a dream that every human being harbors in their hearts. While it might not be a practical dream, it’s still something that we hope for.

The closest manifestation of these superpowers that we do experience in real life are our five senses, which are responsible for letting us experience the world around us in different ways.

Our animal counterparts also share these senses with us, although they do differ from us in matters of range and precision. In addition to these five senses, some animals and birds also have a sixth sense that offers them certain extra abilities.

This sixth sense is known as Magnetoreception, or better known as the subconscious ability to detect the earth’s magnetic field. As we know, a lot of animals and birds use this sense to navigate the world around them.

Now, researchers from the California Institute Of Technology have proven that humans too have this additional sense, even if it’s just in a latent condition.

To prove this, they did an experiment which involved regular volunteers, an EEG machine, and a state of the art Faraday Cage.

The cage is the central part of the experiment. It’s essentially a thin box made from aluminum which is responsible for screening out electromagnetic background noise using wire coils.

The subjects for the experiment are made to sit inside the cage, where they are then exposed to a pure magnetic field with no interference, and no other stimulus.

An EEG monitor is then hooked up to the patient in order to map their brain activity. By measuring the different in the brain activity caused by exposure to a rotating magnetic field, the researchers were able to prove that humans do have the ability of magnetoreception.

The experiment is now open to the scientific community for verification. Once that does happen, the research can then move towards finding how we can utilize this latent ability for the benefits of humanity.

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Posted on : 30 Jun 2016 @ 07:58

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