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[Smart Ruler Lets You Measure Unlimited Lengths]

Measuring objects is one of those tasks that are preformed in every household and office all over the world.

Whether you use regular foldable tape or special metal ones that fold on their own, the principle behind the task remains the same.

This creates a problem for people now and then, since, if you want to measure something really long, you need two people to perform the task.

Not to mention, that despite how long your tape may be, it will eventually run out, which would then require re-measurement.

To take care of this problems, a team of designers, including Yang Fan, Li Yue, Wang Yipeng, Wang Wei & Zhang Hongtao have come up with a smart solution.

This solution comes in the form of the Infinite Ruler, a smart measurement tool which measures anything you want, without any actual tape.

All you need to do is place a finger inside it’s cavity and wedge the thing you want to measure into the area between the finger hold and the clip above.

As you move the object through this space, it automatically keeps track of the measurement, so that when you have gone through the length of the object, the exact measurement is already displayed on the LED display.

This gives you an easy way of measuring almost anything with ease and without the need of a second person for assistance.

For this feat of innovation, this product was featured in the Red Dot Design Awards.

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Posted on : 18 Jun 2016 @ 13:42

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