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Smartglasses were always a great concept. However, they could never take off due to growing concerns over customer distraction and the privacy of the general public.

When Google Glass failed to take care of these concerns, the technology world of wearables moved onto smartwatches, which did the same things, but were a lot more discreet.

Despite the discreet nature of the devices, smartwatches too aren’t a complete solution for the wearable problem, as they too can be quite distracting. Not to mention, that they don’t offer anything that would justify their purchase.

Now, a company called LAFORGE Optical has decided to take a second run at the optical wearable market, through their new smartglasses called Shima, which can do everything the Google Glass or smartwatches can, while being extremely discreet at it.

The first thing LaForge did was make sure that the glasses were stylish and discreet, with multiple designs and colors to appeal to all sorts of users.

Secondly, they made sure that the glasses didn’t have the low resolution add-on screen that distracted the users. Instead, they place the Heads-up Display (HUD) directly on the lenses themselves.

By doing this, they made sure that noone else can guess that you can see something that they can’t. Since the display remains on the corners of the lenses, it also isn’t as distracting as add-on displays.

As expected, the glasses pair with your smartphone through Bluetooth, thus giving you easy access to notifications, navigation and all the media on your phone.

You can take pictures and videos through a camera on the glasses, which is placed in the center, and is almost invisible. However, if you don’t feel the need for it, you can get your glasses without it as well.

It’s non-nondescript touch controls, USB C and Aux ports too are designed to offer easy connectivity while remaining inconspicuous to people around you.

To make this sort of discreet and useful experience last, the glasses use a smart power conservation strategy to give the users over 18 Hours of usage from a fast charge of just 30 minutes.

This, if not anything else, makes these glasses a must have for people who are tired of running back to charging stations multiple times a day.

If you want to get a pair for yourself, you can pre-order them from the LAFORGE Website for $590. For this cost, you will get a pair of Shima glasses that have been crafted for the size of your face, as well as any prescription corrective lenses you may need.

This way, you get all the features, without any judgment, and at a price that’s almost a third of what you would pay for Google Glasses.

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