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[Artificial Intelligence System Can Recognize Your Pictures And Caption Them]

Today, we live lives that are completely dependent on technology. We are in touch with so many devices and services that managing them all can get overwhelming.

To ease that burden, many tech companies are looking towards artificial intelligence bots to take over simple tasks for us, so that we can free up some time for other things.

Microsoft is one of these companies, and as part of their initiative, they have just introduced a new bot called Captionbot, which takes over the responsibility of captioning your photos.

This bot is powered by Microsoft’s Cognitive Services, which uses a Computer Vision API, an Emotion API and a Bing Image API to scan your photos and figure out what’s in them.

Once it does that, it uses the Tay language system to create descriptions of what the picture is of, the persons in it and even their emotions.

It goes without saying that it isn’t accurate all the time, but the fact that bot admits it in it’s responses is a really nice touch.

While the service is quite nice, it still can’t read the captions aloud like the Facebook bot, thus making it useless for blind people.

We are confident however, that once the testing is completed, it would get better features and results, making it possible for us to easily hand over our captioning duties to the bot.

Till that happens, you can still visit theĀ Captionbot Website and try your luck with a few of your own pictures, just to see what curious caption you receive.

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