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[Special Machine Lets Users Speak To Plants]

Whenever people debate about the environment and the species that live in it, there is always a question that pops up about whether plants can feel things.

While most people agree that plants do feel things on a biological level, there is still a controversy whether these sentiments expand to the intellectual side as well.

Now a research project from Microsoft, called Project Florence aims to answer those questions by letting you actually Talk To Plants.

It doesn’t mean that they have actually found a way for plants to make sounds and pronounce words, but instead they use a rather complicated setup of machinery to convey it’s thoughts.

All you need to do is place the plant you want to interact with, inside a sensor loaded capsule. This capsule is then connected to a computer which acts as a translator.

So, if you want to talk to the plant, you use the computer to type in your message. That message is mapped for sentiment and then translated into blinks, just like Morse code.

Those blinks are then conveyed to the plant through changing light patterns. The plant, by it’s nature is able to respond to this stimulus and generate it’s own response in the form of electrical signals.

These signals are then captured by other sensors which relay it back to the computer. The computer then uses a special software to look for words that match the sentiment expressed in those signals and create a reply.

This process has been tested in the lab multiple times with actual recorded responses. As one can expect, this development has generated quite a buzz in the scientific community who are now looking for ways to explore this unique form of communication and it’s applications.

We don’t know what actual applications would be developed for this form of communication, but we can say that if nothing else, maybe one day you too will be able to talk to your plants.

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Posted on : 25 Jun 2016 @ 10:08

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