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[Device Turns Brain Waves Into Words]

Speaking is the most basic form of communication for humans. It doesn’t matter what language we know, as long as we can speak, we will find someone to listen.

However, thousands of people across the world don’t have this ability. They have to rely on sign language and other non verbal forms of communication.

While this is the solution for the majority of these people, there are still those highly unfortunate ones that can’t even use these methods owing to certain other accompanying disabilities, such as ALS, Autism and Cerebral Palsy.

For these people, any form of verbal or non verbal communication is next to impossible. Now, a California based company called Smartstones is bringing a unique solution to the woes of this crowd.

This solution comes in the form of an EEG headset sold by Emotive, paired with a special app called the :Prose. The combination of these devices is what can give these people the ability to speak again.

The process is fairly simple in itself; all the user has to do is wear the headset and pair it with the app. The headset then starts reading the EEG output of the user.

When the user thinks about any particular sign or phrase, the headset sends the changing signals to the app, which then translates the signals into words and speaks them aloud.

The company calls this amazing process “Think To Speak“, as it does exactly that. The software has been designed to be easy to use and learn, so anyone can get used to it with minimal stress.

The :prose app is currently available only for iOS, with the Android option under development. If you think this is something that you, or someone close to you could use, then you can go to theĀ Smartstones Website and enroll in the beta program.

With your feedback and the companies research, we hope that one day this technology will help improve the lives of millions of people across the world.

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