MiniBrew Beer Brewing Machine

[Smart Machine Lets You Make Your Own Beer At Home]

Brewed beer has become really famous over the past few years, with more and more pubs and bars willing to experiment with the process.

However, even though you may like the taste of beer made by others, it still doesn’t provide you with that personal touch.

Now, you can get that personal touch by brewing your own beer through MiniBrew, a compact Beer Brewing System for your home.

This system combines the brewing, cooling, and yeasting process in one compact machine so that you can make your own beer at home.

The machine is controlled by a smartphone, so you can easily monitor the brewing process even if you aren’t present near the machine.

The ingredients are sold in packs by the company itself, thus giving you multiple options to experiment with different ingredients and tastes.

The whole process takes only about a week to complete, so you can enjoy new versions of your own brewed beer every other week.

You can even choose to share the flavors and recipes with a whole community of brewed beer enthusiasts who enjoy the taste of freshly brewed beer.

The device is currently up for pre-orders on the MiniBrew Website and will cost you around €1950. Go order yours now.

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Source: MiniBrew
Posted on : 03 Jun 2016 @ 15:13

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