New Form Of Light Discovered

[Revolutionary Research Was Conducted In Trinity College]

Our understanding of light as a medium has completely changed, thanks to a recent research conducted in the School of Physics and the CRANN Institute of the Trinity College Dublin, which has revealed a new form of light.

This research was conducted by PhD graduate Kyle Ballantine and Professor Paul Eastham, and involved experiments on the angular momentum of light.

Up until now, the Angular Momentum of light has always been a simple multiple of the Planck’s constant, but this new experiment has found that the angular momentum of each photon was half the Planck’s Constant.

Even this extremely small difference has profound implications for the world of science, as it means that there is a need for modifying every theory related to light.

The implications also apply on data communications, as it could pave the way for fast and more secure optical fibre connections.

For now, the scientists are working on verifying this research. The current version of the research has been published in the Science Advances Journal.

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Posted on : 09 Jun 2016 @ 13:44

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