Nydeum Sense Hybrid Mouse

[Smart Mouse For Mouse/Keyboard Hybrid Touch Input]

Smart devices come in all shapes and sizes now. With screens ranging from large to extra small, there is always a need for smart ways to interact with them.

Now a new product featured on Kickstarter aims to give you an innovative way of interacting with all your devices through a one handed touch and type interface.

This smart device is known as the Nydeum Sense, and features touch interfaces on both sides, one for normal mouse input and the other for touch typing.

On the mouse side, it supports regular touch inputs with sections for left and right clicks, as well as scrolling.

When you flip the device over, it automatically switches on the type input, where you can trace characters using the company’s system of digital alphabets.

These special characters are easy to learn and support multiple languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew etc.

You can also save custom commands for special functions like opening a particular app or website.

The aim of the device is to give you a truly portable touch/type experience. To support this, the device is kept wireless, with only 2 AAA batteries for power.

The device is currently up for funding and the only way to get one is through the Kickstarter page. So if you want one for yourself, go pledge your support.

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