OLO Portable 3D Printer

[Compact Printer Can Be Controlled By A Smartphone]

3D Printers has been gaining popularity in both professional and personal applications in recent months. However, most 3D printers are big, bulky and require a dedicated computer to control.

But, now a company called OLO 3D is bringing a new portable 3D printer to market which is not only small in size but can also be controlled by just your smartphone.

This battery powered printer is controlled by a smartphone app which is also responsible for supplying the designs of the object you want to print.

The printer is designed in a way that lets the smartphone be placed in a bracket that covers everything but the screen. The bottom half of OLO is placed on top of the bracket, thus making a space for the resin to be poured in.

The top half is then placed on top of the bottom half, enclosing the printing chamber. Once done, the printer then uses the light from the screen of the smartphone to heat the special “daylight” resins.

This heated resin is then used to create the 3D objects, which can be either rigid or flexible. To give the objects different characters, you can combine different resins for different ranges of colors and translucence.

To make sure that the printer gives the best value to all users, it is made compatible with Android, iOS and Windows mobile operating systems.

If you wish to get one of these printers for yourself, you’ll be able to get one for $99. The company is expected to do a commercial launch by the end of the year.

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