Photonic Fence Bug Killer

[Advanced Targeting System Kills Bugs With Lazers]

Bugs have been torturing all life forms for thousands of years. No matter what area of the world you might live in, you will always be surrounded by all sorts of bugs that are ready to bring dozens of diseases to your doorstep. Not only that, they also have a knack for destroying crops if we let them.

To prevent them from doing so, there are also all sorts of bug killing systems available in the market, depending on bug type and budget. Some are more effective than others, but in the end, none of them offer a singular solution for universal bug related issues.

However, now there is a precise system, which can work against any kind of bug, instantly killing them with lazer precision. This system was developed by Intellectual Ventures, a Washington-based company and is called the Photonic Fence.

This is literally a Lazer Targeting System, which can identify, track, and then kill flying insects in real time. It does it by calculating the insects’ wing beat frequency, as well as several other criteria such as their size, shape, and flight behavior.

All this data is then run through an advanced computer software, which then gives the go ahead to neutralize the threat with a laser blast. The important thing about this system is, that the weapon is only fired when the system is sure there won’t be any collateral damage.

This is very important, as it protects your crops, pets and yourself from getting exposed to harmful lazers. By doing so, it beats the traditional bug killing methods in safety, as with those, you have no way of protecting yourself against getting exposed to harmful substances.

The device makes sure that it collects all the relevant data generated during the process, so you can get a better insight into the types of bugs that are around you, which direction they come from, and their feeding patterns.

This sort of data can be very valuable when trying to find ways of prevention from pest issues. It is what helped evolve this technology from what was once, just a mosquito killing machine into a comprehensive bug killing system.

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