Physicists Mix Matter And Light

[New Experiment Performs Coupling At Room Temperature]

There are certain concepts of the physical world that we have just gotten used to. These concepts have been around us for years and we accept them as they are without question.

But in the world of science, nothing is absolute, and scientists are always working on ways to prod these concepts to see if they hold up under scrutiny.

One of these concepts is the fact that light and matter are two different things. They have different properties and they generally don’t mix.

Now, scientists from the University Of Cambridge have successfully conducted an experiment that tests this concept and turns it on it’s head. They achieved this by mixing a molecule with light at room temperature for the first time ever.

They did this by creating a Nanoscale Trap of mirrors made with gold, which captures photons emitted by molecules. This causes the energy to move back and forth between the molecule and the photon, unable to escape.

What we get as a result is a mixed state which is part matter and part light. This is called a “Strong Coupling“. Through the success of this experiment, scientists now have a new way of manipulating matter and it’s physical and chemical nature.

This sort of experiment has already been done before, but under highly intense settings at extremely cold temperatures. By being able to replicate the process at room temperature, the researchers have made the process that much more easier to replicate.

This opens up all sorts of applications to be tested in the field of Quantum Physics. The researchers hope that with further testing and experimentation, they will be able to explore new avenues of observing and manipulating how our world works.

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Posted on : 26 Jun 2016 @ 10:17

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