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[Advanced Software Makes Music From Dance Movement]

Music and dance have always been considered two sides of the same coin. However, no matter how skilled the dancer/musician may be, it is very hard to merge the two into one.

Now a new software called Point Motion aims to do the impossible, by creating music through dance. This software utilizes any regular camera to track the body movements of a dance through it’s Motion Sensing System and then pair those movements with pre-loaded music.

While there have been other softwares that try to do the same thing, the limitations that they face comes from the fact, that, they rely heavily on the sensors to track the body movements.

Since this system bypasses the sensors entirely, it makes the process a lot easier to set up and execute. All you need is the software and a wireless camera, making the whole setup quite inexpensive as well.

The inexpensive nature of the system doesn’t mean that there is any compromise on quality though. The team behind the software has worked very hard to make sure that the quality of music is as complex as the quality of the dance.

Towards this end, the system comes loaded with more than 1500 sounds and instruments. The users get the change to upload their own music to the library as well.

As you can see, the overall goal is to keep the process of music creation as fluid as possible. To further that philosophy, the software too is being made mobile as well, through two apps designed for fitness (Point Wellness) and live performance (Puppet Master).

If you feel that you could use this system to improve your creative process as well, then you can head to their projects IndieGoGo Page and pledge $40 for the software and $175 for a special software, camera combo.

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Source: IndieGoGo
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Posted on : 17 Jun 2016 @ 05:26

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