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[Wearable Headset For Data Collection And Remote Diagnosis]

With increasing population and developing cities, providing healthcare facilities to the entire population has become a problem for almost all countries. It doesn’t help that the ratio of doctors to patients is widening with every passing year.

To help reduce this stress on the healthcare industry, many Remote Diagnosis technologies are being developed to help doctors treat people who can’t visit them personally, thus lessening their burden.

A major part of this is Telemedicine, a process which let’s a patient communicate with a doctor online through video chats. However, this medium remains limited, owing to the fact that the doctor doesn’t get real time access to basic data about body vitals.

To remove this huge gap in online diagnosis methods, designer Jonathan Stewart has designed a wearable headset, called the Portal Telemedicine Headset.

This headset features body sensors, a detachable user operated camera/stethoscope and an integrated high definition eye camera which work together to collect all sorts of data regarding the patients body.

The device can also accept data from other wearable health monitoring tools such as pedometers and smartwatches. All this data is then send to data centers, where it can be compiled through algorithms, making it easily readable for doctors.

The design is kept familiar to existing headsets, so that it’s easy for the patients to understand and use. This way, even laymen can use it to get accurate medical data for an accurate diagnosis.

The device is currently just a concept. However, given the sorts of benefits that it could provide for both patient and doctors, we are eagerly awaiting the day it is moved forward to production.

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Posted on : 02 Jun 2016 @ 01:57

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