Prosthetic Feet For Heels

[Adjustable Prosthetics Let Women Wear High Heels]

Prosthetic feet are life saving tools to help amputees literally get back up on their feet. They are made for utility and functionality alone.

Women make up a large segment of the prosthetic industry. However, there are no prostheses made specifically for women.

Most prostheses available in the market today are designed for wide, grounded, sneaker-like shoes, which are great for men, but not so much for women, as it severely limits their choice of shoes.

Now, a team of students from Johns Hopkins University are solving this problem, by developing a Prosthetic Foot that can be used with High Heels.

This new foot is kept narrow and adjustable, so that it can fit in various types of shoes and heels without requiring any special tools.

It’s made of a carbon fiber footplate with hydraulic components, which can support up to 250 pounds (113 Kg) while providing enough flexibility for normal movement.

The aim is to make the feet adaptable, so that they can easily be used with different types of shoes that put pressure on different angles of the ankle.

The device is in testing phase currently. Once that is completed, we can expect a whole range of prostheses designed for fashion rather than just utility.

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Source: John Hopkins
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Posted on : 09 Jun 2016 @ 21:44

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