Rolls Royce Vision 100

[Self Driving Two Seater Concept]

Rolls Royce is and has always been the epitome of luxury, when it comes to passenger cars.

The cars they create are always ahead of their time and contain levels of performance and luxury that others can only hope for.

In addition to their passenger cars, Rolls Royce is also known for creating amazing concept cars that they use to tease the future.

Most of these cars never make it to production, but they are so over the top in their design that they still stay in your dreams for years to come.

Now, Rolls Royce has come up with another concept that showcases their ability to tug at the heartstrings of car lovers everywhere.

Known as the Vision 100, this new concept is the first Driverless Car Concept showcased by Rolls Royce.

It features individual powertrains for each wheel, which replaces the traditional engine under the hood.

This engine space is therefore re-purposed as a boot, where you can stash all your luggage with ease.

Despite it’s length and width, the car is made only to seat two people, reminding you of the exclusive status of owning this car.

Above all, it is the spectacular design and the striking colors that draw you to the car.

It doesn’t matter that you probably can’t drive it, but just being in the presence of such a beauty is enough to get your heart racing.

We will leave you to admire the car in all it’s elegance and beauty.

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