Scientists Develop World’s Tiniest Piston Engines

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Nano-machines as a science has so far remained in the realm of science fiction. There have been some developments of course, but none that could make this technology more practical, until now.

Researchers at the University of Cambridge who work in this field, have now developed the World’s Tiniest Light Powered Engine, bringing the existence of nano-machines closer to reality than ever before.

These machines could be used to navigate in liquids, have ambient sensing abilities and even enter living cells in the human body to fight disease.

The design features a nano-scale piston engine made up of Charged Gold Nanoparticles within a polymer. This polymer has the ability to bend and relax in response to heat changes, producing immense amounts of energy in the process.

The whole process takes seconds to complete and generates at least a hundred times greater energy than existing motors or cells.

It will still take a lot of research to figure out what applications this sort of motor can have, but it is nevertheless a huge step forward for nanotechnology.

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Posted on : 01 Jun 2016 @ 04:54

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