Scientists Discover Cancer Clocks Inside Human Cells

[Mutation Signature Could Help Determine When Patients Get Cancer]

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases on the planet today. It grows slowly in the body, with the body, until it’s strong enough to outright destroy our system.

However, early detection of cancer can still help us prevent permanent damage as medication today is advanced enough to kill it in the early stages.

Until now, this detection was only possible when the cancer was actually present in our system. However, now scientists think they have found a way to detect it even before it starts growing.

This new system of discovery was discovered by researchers while studying the various Mutations that lead to the development of cancer.

These mutations occur gradually over time, which lets them be identified and tracked, if we know exactly what to look for.

To understand what to look for, researchers studied the DNA sequences of over 10,000 cancer samples to find these mutations.

They found 30 different mutational signatures which eventually led to the formation of cancer cells. Two of these signatures contained Clock like features.

These clock like features denoted the progress of cancer through the body, from mutation, all the way to full blown tumor.

So, in theory, if they can track the ticking clock in reverse, they can also track the ticking clock in progress, which might let us catch these mutations before they become cancerous.

The only question that remains is whether these clocks tick at the same pace for all or us, or do we have our own individual paces based on our environment and genetics.

Once these things are figured out, it could then help us detect and prevent these mutations from turning to cancer cells in the first place, thus effectively stopping the disease before it actually happens.

While this sort of detection methods will still take a lot of time to be developed, the hope is that, once they do get developed, it would change the whole way we approach cancer and it’s treatment.

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Posted on : 25 Jun 2016 @ 19:11

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