Scientists Implant Bionic Eye Into Blind Man

[Man Able To See After 40 Years Of Blindness]

The FDA approved the use of bionic eyes for the treatment of blindness few years ago. However these treatments are still hugely experimental in nature.

Now, Doctors from Texas have successfully used this procedure to give a man his sight back by implanting a Bionic Eye in place of his regular eye.

The man in question is a resident of Texas, by the name of John Jameson who lost his eyesight due to an aggressive infection.

John and his wife had been looking for treatments of his 40 year old blindness for quite some time. It was actually his wife who found about this treatment first.

The operation itself was carried out in Shreveport, Louisiana. It has already been over a month since the procedure and the doctors have deemed it a success.

Although John admits he’s been suffering from some double vision since the procedure, he still is grateful that his sight seems to be improving with time.

The doctors attribute this double vision to his brains inability to adjust to the new stimulus. They speculate that it will go away as his brain adjusts to the implant..

Once the implant is successfully integrated by the body, this case would then become a reference point for all future procedures done to cure blindness.

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Posted on : 20 Jun 2016 @ 06:55

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