Scientists Link Brains Of Two People

[Subjects Play 20 Questions Through Mind Reading]

The brain is one of the most complicated yet fascinating organ of the human body. Scientists have been trying for ages to decode how it works and how to tweak it for our personal uses.

A part of the research on this subject consists of experiments that are aimed at trying to retrieve and send information from and to the brain.

Marking a great success in this field of research, researchers from the University Of Washington have been able to link the brains of two subjects located 1.5kms apart.

They tested this link by getting them to play 20 questions with each other, using just their thoughts. The link proved to be so strong that they were able to correctly answer the questions 72% of the time.

The premise of this experiment involved one participant – “the respondent” – being hooked up to an EEG cap, responsible for recording the brain activity, while the partner – “the inquirer” – was sat in a room around 1.5 km away, with a magnetic coil positioned over their head.

The experiment progressed in rounds, each of which saw the respondent thinking of an object central to the question. The brain activity related to that object was then recorded and transmitted over the internet to the second location.

At the second location, the brain activity was then interpreted by a software to form a question about the object. This question would then be shown to the inquirer on a screen, after which they had to focus on one of the “Yes” or “No” LED lights as an answer to it.

The brain activity related to their answer then activated the magnetic coil, which caused a flash of light in the form of an answer.

Given that this experiment was successful, the scientists can now focus their research on furthering this technology so that one day it would allow them to directly transfer signals from one person’s brain into another.

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Source: PLOS Journal
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Posted on : 30 Jun 2016 @ 16:04

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