Scientists Make Transparent Wood

[Chemically Treated Wood Made Stronger With Epoxy]

Wood is one of the most used materials when it comes to architecture. The fact that it is biodegradable, and provides good insulation makes it a great material to work with.

However, there has always been one aspect which has stopped wood from being as popular as glass or plastic; transparency. Now, scientists at the University Of Maryland have found a way to remove that limitation as well.

This new iteration of wood is known as being called the Invisible Wood and features not only transparency but superior strength as well.

The scientists created the transparent wood by chemically removing Lignin, an organic substance which good wood it’s color. This is the same process that is used while making paper, only more finely tuned.

After that, the wood channels are injected with an Epoxy, which imparts the extra strength we mentioned earlier. The whole process takes an hour, and is very important to ensure that the cellular nanofiber structure remains intact.

This treated wood is a great material to substitute glass and plastic in windows and solar panels, thanks to it’s thermal insulation alone. The excess strength and bio-degradable qualities can be considered added bonuses.

With this development, we find ourselves at the cusp of a revolution in the field of architecture and design, where wood has truly become the best possible material for sustainable development.

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Source: PHYS ORG
Posted on : 07 Jun 2016 @ 20:44

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