Second Skin To Hide Wrinkles

[Special Easily Removable Invisible Polymer]

It is said that the skin is the largest organ of the human body. It is present everywhere and performs all sorts of functions.

But while there are countless medical procedures and enhancements to make other organs function better, there are almost none to help the skin.

Now, researchers at MIT have solved that deficiency by creating a special type of stretchy, polymer film that acts like a Second Skin, providing all sorts of augmentative functions to the user.

The idea behind the technology is to create an invisible coating made from cross linked polymers, which would be applied just like a regular cosmetic product, only to harden and take the shape of a second skin.

This process would work by first applying a transparent cream on the skin that contains the polymer. After that, a second layer of cream would be applied to act as a catalyst for the polymer to link and harden.

This hardened layer could be used to provide protection from UV rays or even deliver drugs to a specified area without the risk of it being wiped off.

But the real commercial potential for this technology is now being seen as a second skin that would remove wrinkles and give a sort of facelift to the users, making it a simple replacement for all sorts of cosmetics and botox treatments.

Since the new skin is quite stretchable, it also makes it perfect for use by people of all shapes and sizes. This hypothesis has already been tested with a small sample group, by applying it on people’s eye bags, with some pretty impressive results.

Now the real thing to see would be whether this technology would go forward as a medical treatment of a cosmetic one. Whatever direction the researchers decide to focus on, it goes without saying that it would change the way we deal with skin problems.

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Source: MIT
Posted on : 19 Jun 2016 @ 05:40

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