Self Spooling Liquid Wire

[Researchers Create Spider Web Inspired Fibres]

Spider Webs are one of the more complex and beautiful creations of nature. They are solid for all intents and purposes, yet still have an elasticity that lets them extend and contract as and when needed.

This elasticity comes due to the presence of a watery glue on the fibre, which is spread in the form of droplets all over the web.

Scientists from Oxford University have now found a way to replicate this unique structural and chemical formulation to create their own special wires.

This wire, or should we say Liquid Wire has the same properties of a spider web, giving it the ability to the ability to maintain tension while being flexible at the same time.

The team used oil droplets on a plastic filament to achieve the effect which forms a perfect balance between elasticity and surface tension.

The development of these fibres isn’t the only goal of this experiment though. The team is now looking for ways to create different types of complex structures.

The hope is that with further research, these complex structures will open up applications in all sorts of field, from construction to microbiology.

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Posted on : 26 Jun 2016 @ 00:12

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