Single Agent Cancer Fighting System

[Special Compounds Finds And Kills Cancer Cells]

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases known to man. If given the chance, it can grow rapidly and destroy the body from inside out with ease.

Even if one does find these cancer tumors in time, it can still be too late as by the time the patient receives the proper treatment, the cancer has already spread beyond control.

Now, researchers at Oregon State University have found a way to not only detect cancer with ease but also destroy it at the same time.

This method uses a single-agent system, in the from of a chemical compound by the name of Silicon Naphthalocyanine to find and treat cancer.

This compound, when introduced to the human body, can detect the cancer cells and make them glow under infrared light.

This gives the doctors a chance to see the cancer affected easily and remove it without touching the healthy area.

In addition, it also creates heat and reactive oxygen special, which target the remaining cancer cells and kills them without effort.

This compound has been successfully tested with animals in laboratory settings, where it completely eradicated all cancer cells without side effects.

As research continues, there is hope that this treatment will eventually be made viable for use in humans as well, thus providing a final solution for cancer itself.

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Posted on : 27 Jun 2016 @ 03:58

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