SkinGun For Stem Cell Treatment

[New Delivery System Shoots Burn Victims With Stem Cells]

Burning victims are some of the most critical patients at any hospital in any part of the world. If no treated immediately, they can sustain a lot of long term damage to both their body and mind.

Yet traditional grafting procedures take an exceptional amount of time and can be extremely painful as well. Instead, doctors are now relying on using stem cells as a healing method to cut down the treatment time.

The problem with stem cells though is that, the current method of implanting stem cells via syringe too is quite time consuming and requires a lot of care in placement.

To making this process a lot more efficient, a company called RenovaCare is developing a special stem cell delivery system in the form of the SkinGun.

All the system needs is a small sample of the patient’s healthy skin. This sample is used to extract stem cells which are then worked into a special CellMist Solution.

This solution is then sprayed onto the patients skin directly, thereby letting the stem cells reach the effected area directly. When tested in laboratory conditions, this method provided 200 times more coverage than traditional methods.

In addition to the extended coverage, the gun’s gentle spray method also ensured that 97.3 percent of the cells remained viable after application.

The company is positive that with more testing and research, this product could drastically cut down the treatment time for burn victims, giving hope to cases that otherwise would not have had a chance at healthy recovery.

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Posted on : 14 Jun 2016 @ 16:05

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