Smart Contact Lens For Diabetes Control

[Contact Lens-Eyeglass Combo Monitors Diabetes and Delivers Drugs Wirelessly]

Smart Contact Lenses are the new favorite future tech for everyone. However, where other wearable devices were primarily focused on entertainment, these devices are being developed for specific medical purposes.

Most of these medical lenses are only geared towards health monitoring. But now researchers from Korea have begun development of a smart contact lens and eyeglass combination that can be used to not only monitor diabetes but also dispense drugs on-demand.

The contact lenses do the majority of the work in this setup. They are made up of a ring-shaped circuit, which is enclosed between two layers of Solicone Hydrogel.

This circuit measures the blood glucose levels in the tears to give an accurate, non-invasive reading of the blood sugar levels.

These readings are then transmitted through the glasses to the user, who can then select to activate the Drug Delivery System which automatically releases a very specific dose of diabetic medicine directly into the eyes.

This system, even though primarily geared towards diabetes, can also be used to treat other diseases as well, making it a great solution for people who have to take regular medicines.

To make sure that you aren’t burdened with fiddling with the lens, the developers are making sure that the lens can hold multiple doses, so that it can be use for long intervals without replacement.

Since the lens gets it’s power from the glasses themselves, it truly makes them a portable solution for diabetic control.

The research for this device is currently ongoing, and it’s not likely to become a mainstream product anytime soon. But the fact that these types of systems are being developed indicate a better future for millions of people who suffer from various medical conditions all over the world.

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Source: IEEE
Posted on : 08 Jun 2016 @ 15:46

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