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[Smart Device Sticks To Any Surface Through Static Charge]

No matter where you live or what office you work in, everyone has the need to pin up papers on walls and other surfaces at on a daily basis.

Most devices used for such purposes, such as glue, pins, nails or even magnets are either not as effective or end up damaging either the paper or the surface it’s attached to.

Now, a team of designers including Dr. Park Junhong, Dr. Oh Soo Jin, Ahn Ji Eun, Seoyoung Kim & You JungMin have come up with an easy solution to this problem.

This solution comes in the form of Static Fix, a small yet simple device that allows you to pin-up papers of all shapes and sizes without actually pinning them.

It does that by using a static charge to stick to any surface you want. To charge it up, all you need to do is shake the device for a few minutes before using.

Once stuck to the surface, the device offers visual feedback in terms of charge percentage, so you know how long it will actually stick to the wall.

When it comes closer to it’s equivalent of low battery, all you need to do is shake it again. This way you can reuse the device as many times as you want without any lasting damage.

For the innovation represented by this device, it received the Red Dot Design Award for the year 2015. We hope that one day soon enough, this will be available in stores all over the world.

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Posted on : 18 Jun 2016 @ 19:42

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