The World’s First Quantum Satellite

[China To Launch Satellite For Quantum Entanglement Experimentation]

China has just announced, that it is going to launch the World’s First Quantum Communications Satellite into space this July. This launch is part of the two-year-long QUESS mission, which aims to test the phenomenon of Quantum Entanglement.

The mission would start it’s experimentation phase, once the satellite enters into a Sun-synchronous orbit at an altitude of 600 kilometers (375 miles).

Through these Quantum entanglement experiments, the researchers would be able to see if, two particles on the ground, separated by a vast distance, could be entangled by the satellite itself.

One end of the testing would be handled through ground stations across China, while the other side would be covered with the help of The Academy of Sciences in Vienna, Austria, who are working closely with China to make this experiment a success.

If successful, this experiment would prove that it’s possible for encrypted information in quantum systems to be instantly beamed across the world, making the encryption impossible to break.

Even if anyone tries to view the information, the system would instantly collapse and make the information unreadable.

It goes without saying that a system like this would prove immensely valuable for securing the millions of data transactions that occur daily all over the world, ushering us into a new era of digital security.

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Posted on : 05 Jun 2016 @ 17:03

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