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[Automated Trash Bin For Easy Recycle Sorting]

Sorting trash is one of the less glamorous things you can do to save the planet, however given the amount of trash we produce, it is one of the most important things to do.

While it is easy to sort the trash at home, it becomes quite difficult to do so in a public place, where finding different trash cans for different materials can be a problem for most people.

To take the headache of recycling away from people throwing away trash, and make the whole process a lot more efficient, a startup called Clean Robotics has introduced a Robotic Trash Recycle System, called Trashbot.

Trashbot is a all in one trash bin with a robotic system which automatically senses, scans and divides the trash based on type.

When you first approach the Trashbot, it’s motion sensors automatically detect your presence and open the lid, saving you the trouble of getting your hands dirty.

When you throw in the trash, it automatically closes the lid again. After that, it utilizes a combination of load sensors, metal detectors and a special machine vision system to analyze what you threw in.

Once that’s done, it uses a tilting motor to sort the trash into separate compartments via trap doors, thus making sure the trash doesn’t get mixed up.

The whole system works on it’s own, without any human input. All the trash collectors have to do is open the different compartments and switch out the trash bags, when the system indicates full capacity.

The company is preparing this system for tests at various locations across Pittsburgh, to showcase why the hefty $5000 price tag is worth it. The company hopes that with time, this system will help change the way we recycle forever.

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Posted on : 01 Jun 2016 @ 20:57

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