Ultimate Survival Capsule

[Survival Pods Lets Users Survive All Sorts Of Disasters]

With the constantly changing climate of the earth, we are seeing an increasing frequency of natural disasters hitting different parts of the world.

These disasters are almost always unpredictable and can cause immense damage to public and private property, along with thousands of deaths.

While there are different types of storm shelters and other safety systems on the market, most of them are designed only for a particular type of disaster.

So, while they do protect you from one type of natural disaster, they leave you open to other types of damage, which rapidly becomes counterproductive.

This creates a need for a unique type of disaster management system which can help us in all sorts of natural disasters, without having to spend a lot of money on multiple security systems.

To address this issue, an inventor by the name of Julain Sharpe, has unveiled what can be called the Ultimate Survival Capsule, a completely self sustainable personal safety system.

This capsule is constructed in the shape of a giant snooker ball, and comes in different sizes that can hold 2-10 people at a time.

Created from a high grade aluminum, the hardened shell of this device is enough to safeguard it’s inhabitants from any strong impact, sharp object and even rapid deceleration.

Special water bladders inside the system prevent the pod from overturning itself, even after hard impacts, while it’s natural buoyancy prevents drowning in case of floods.

This way the occupants can remain safe and secure, while observing the outside through two small porthole windows.

Keeping the uncertain nature of disasters in mind, the pod can also be fitted with a small toilet as well as a sound system, so that people can remain safe and comfortable for longer periods of time.

All these features and the great design makes this pod the perfect solution for all sorts of disaster management.

If you think you can make use of such an advanced security system, you can go to the company Website and pre-order one for yourself.

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Posted on : 17 Jun 2016 @ 22:21

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