Ultra Thin Lens With Subwavelength Focusing Abilities

[Powerful Lens Can Focus On Minute Objects]

When it comes to imaging and photography, the only limit that matters is the limit of the lenses in use.

In terms of optical lenses, we’ve seen the upper limit easily being pushed to extreme limits with ease. However, there’s still a limit on the lower end of the spectrum.

But now, a team of scientists from Swinburne University of Technology has found a way to break that limit.

They have done this by developing a lens that’s only 200nm thick, and is made by using sprayable graphene oxide.

The oxide needed to create this lens was created through a process called Photoreduction, which breaks down graphene oxide films into this sprayable format.

This lens is 300 times thinner than a sheet of paper, which gives it the ability to focus on very tiny objects in 3D.

This ability of the lens to focus on tiny objects is known as Subwavelength Focusing, as it involves objects that are smaller than the wavelength of an individual particle of light.

The researchers believe that this type of lens producing technology will revolutionize the way we approach imaging by providing a cheap and efficient alternative to existing lenses.

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Posted on : 27 Jun 2016 @ 08:59

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