Water Based Adhesive

[Researchers Create Super Strong Biodegradable Adhesive]

Adhesives are something that everyone needs to use at some point in their life. While they serve a great purpose, they still have certain limitations that make them counterproductive for certain uses.

One of these limitations is the fact that there is not any biodegradable adhesive on the market that can compete with the strength of it’s chemical counterparts.

This causes problems for people who don’t want to use such harsh chemicals with things that might react with them in the wrong way.

Now, researchers from MIT have created a new type of water based adhesive which claims to beat the strength of most industrial standards adhesives while still being biodegradable.

This new adhesive, is actually a hydrogel, which is essentially a sticky mix of water and gummy materials. It’s often found in mussels and barnacles, which are considered to be some of the most stubborn items to de-glue from any surface.

By reproducing this natural design, the researchers were able to create a compound that has the ability to adhere to surfaces such as glass, silicon, ceramics, aluminum, and titanium.

This creates a whole host of applications for this sort of adhesive owing to it’s unique nature and abilities. Once ready for mass production, it will certainly change the way that we stick things together.

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Posted on : 29 Jun 2016 @ 11:34

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