Wearable Biochemical Sensor

[Wireless Sensor Measures ECG & Lactate]

Wearable devices that can measure health related statistics is not a new concept. There are dozens of devices on the market that offer such services, giving you the ability to measure your steps, heart rate and other factors.

While these devices offer a lot in terms of easy monitoring and accuracy, they still are quite limited as almost none of them provide any measurement on biochemical activities of the body, such as lactate.

While there are technologies that let you measure biochemical activity, they too are limited as they cannot provide you with the simple electrical measurements such as heart rate.

This is due to the fact that the electrodes needed for measuring electrical activity such as ECG often cause interference in the activity of the biochemical sensors.

Now, scientists at the University of California San Diego, have developed a stick-on patch that can do both at the same time, without interfering with each other.

This one of a kind patch is called Chem-Phys, and it is made through the process of screen printing on a thin and flexible polyester sheet.

It can be placed directly on the skin and offers precise measurements that can be wirelessly accessed through your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Scientists have already tested this technology on human subjects and the results indicate that it’s as accurate as regular wearable bands.

With the technology being proven, the focus of the researchers will now shift on including more sensors onto the device to let it provide measurements on a wide variety of electric and biochemical processes.

We will keep you updated as more developments come in.

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Posted on : 23 Jun 2016 @ 17:59

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