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[Weight Scale Also Measures Your Vein Health]

Measuring health has always been a hobby for people from all over the world. The most basic and most common instrument for measuring health is a weight scale.

However, just monitoring your weight isn’t enough to understand how your body changes from day to day, or what health risks you might be suffering from.

Yet, it still remains the most popular health monitoring practice as all it takes to make it work is standing on it. In order to make the process of monitoring your health through body scales a lot more efficient, a company called Withings has introduced a brand new high tech scale called the Body Cardio Scale.

This scale not only measures your weight, but also helps you track your BMI, body composition, standing heart rate and even your cardiovascular health.

It does so by measuring your Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV), better known as the speed at which blood circulates in your body. The sensors in the scale calculate the time it takes for the blood to go from your heart to your feet, which when correlated with your height, gives an accurate estimate of the PWV.

When calculated regularly, these measurements can give the user a better understanding of how their body is working and if there are any cardiovascular issues that they need to worry about.

This data can then be sent to your doctor, who can use it to make better diagnosis of your symptoms and recommend possibly life saving medication.

To make the whole concept of measuring your health even more appealing, the company has also worked extra hard on creating a very sexy look for the product.

The scale itself is quite sleek, with just 0.7 inches (18 mm) thickness and a flat base. It starts automatically and can last upto a year without the need for battery change.

As expected, the scale also comes with a smartphone app which lets you easily store and analyze the data it records, saving you the trouble of keeping track of all the readings.

The company hopes that through all this product, it will help users not only monitor, but also improve their health. If you too feel the need to enjoy the benefits of this technology, then you can go to theĀ Withings Website and buy the scale for $180.

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