World’s First Unbreakable Condom

[LELO HEX Condoms Provide Enhanced Security And Pleasure]

For as long as we can remember, condoms have been the only widespread means of protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

However, not all condoms offer protection, as there is a change of breakage as well as slippage.

Not to mention, that if you go for more thicker condoms that do offer a certain level of protection, it can diminish the sexual pleasure of the wearer.

To deal with this dilemma of safe vs sexy, the famous Swedish sex toy maker LELO is bringing a new type of condom to the market.

This new type of condom, called HEX are being advertised as the World’s First Unbreakable Condom.

To make this claim possible, the company has done years of research on creating condoms from Graphene, the world’s strongest and thinnest material.

In addition to the incredible properties of the material itself, the condom also features an integrated hexagonal molecular structure.

This structure lets the individual hexagons mesh together, while tessellating easily to mold to the shape of the wearer.

By doing this, the condom not only becomes incredibly strong, but also a lot more textured, so as to induce more pleasure.

To ensure easy adaptability to all sorts of sizes and shapes, the company places 350 individual hexagons onto each condoms, making it a truly one size fit all product.

If you too want to get a pack of these condoms, you can go to the LELO Website and order them now, with prices starting at $12 Per 12 pack.

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Posted on : 28 Jun 2016 @ 07:03

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