X-Ray Technology To See Through Walls

[Technology Uses Wi-Fi Signals To Track Heat Signatures]

Just like fingerprints, Heat Signatures are one of the more accurate measures of a human body that we can get without actually physically penetrating it.

They differ from person to person and if recorded, can give us an thorough view into the physical and mental state the person is in at that moment.

This technology has been known to be effective in revealing mental and physical conditions of the person such as depression, or an upcoming heart attack.

To make this science more effective in practical uses, a team of researchers from MIT have created a technology, called RF Capture, which can track body signatures even through walls.

To make this possible, they created a device that emits wireless signals which can pass through walls and reflect off people or objects on the other side.

The heat signatures captured through this process are then converted into an image, before being picked up again by the device, essentially making it a heat signature sonar system.

There have been previous iterations of this technology created by the same team, but the newest version is far more effective that those that came before it.

Infact, the researchers claim that the technology is now so effective that it can differentiate between atleast 15 different people standing on the other side of a wall, with 90% Accuracy.

Now that this technology has been proved efficient and effective, the researchers are now focusing on the potential ways in which the technology may be applied practically. All we can do for now, is wait to see how this technology will change our world.

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Source: MIT
Posted on : 21 Jun 2016 @ 05:17

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