XSTAT Emergency Clotting Device

[Hemostatic Device Injects Sponges To Stop Blood Loss]

Everyday, countless soldiers lose their lives in the battlefield due to lack of immediate treatment.

A leading cause of this is rapid blood loss as well as infections that can kill a person if not treated immediately.

While most soldiers carry First Aid kits with them, it’s hard to take care of every gunshot and shrapnel wound, since there isn’t an effective method of stopping the blood flow easily.

Now a new invention from a company called RevMedx aims to help solve this problem through their one of a kind Hemostatic Device knows as XStat.

Xstat is a special syringe that carries inside it, a whole bunch of rapidly expanding sponges that can immediately stop bleeding in wounds.

All you have to do is inject the syringe directly into the wound. The sponges would expand from the inside and create pressure to stop the bleeding.

Since the would is automatically closed by the sponges, it also prevents bacteria and viruses from getting inside easily, thus preventing infections as well.

The presence of X-ray detectable markers inside the sponges also prevents them from being lost inside your body, thus preventing complications and corrective surgeries.

THe U.S Army is backing up this project for further development, so that one day this concept will be used by soldiers all over the world to save lives.

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Posted on : 22 Jun 2016 @ 15:00

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