Zus Smart Car Charger

[USB Car Charger By Nonda Includes Location Finder And Fast Charging]

Zus is a smart car charger which won the Red Dot Design Award in 2016, for it’s sleek design and smart technology combination.

Designed in Germany, Zus has a Titanium body which can withstand temperature as high as 100-degree C.

This makes it last twice as long as regular chargers, while also offering twice as fast charging speeds.

The real USP however, is it’s car location feature, which can save and relay the location of your car via it’s app.

It’s ElegantShine Lighting System helps in that process, by increasing visibility in low light settings.

Although it may appear a bit expensive, but the value you get is absolutely worth it. So go ahead and visit Nonda’s website to buy one for yourself at $30.

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