3D Printed SuperMaterials

[Strong And Light Materials For Custom Construction]

Construction is all about picking the right materials. Some materials are strong, some are light, while others have special qualities that differentiate them in their own way.

However, finding a way to make these materials work together is often not as easy as it sounds. This can lead to choices that can compromise both quality as well as safety of the design.

Now, a development made by the Masdar Institute in the United Arab Emirates aims to remove the need for these compromises by designing and 3D Printing High-Performance Materials.

What makes these materials so special is the fact that instead of relying on the general characteristics of existing materials, these new materials are designed to contain features that fit specific applications.

This was made possible by changing the internal geometric structure of materials in order to control their mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.

These changes are first conceptualized through computer models, and then printed through modified 3D Printers. 3D Printing was chosen specifically for the reason that changing the structure of these materials makes them too complex for conventional manufacturing techniques.

The researchers are now working on fine tuning this process so that it becomes a lot more easier and cheaper to construct these materials on a larger scale. Once that is done, we might see a great increase in 3D Printed Custom Construction.

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Category : Architecture
Posted on : 09 Jul 2016 @ 19:54

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